Your solution for milling cider apples and brewers grains!

Are you brewing, distilling or cider making now, or are they in your future?

The Cidermiller is made in New York state from the finest materials, driven by a ½ HP Baldor motor. Most components are heavy gauge stainless steel. We have strived to make a quality, efficient machine for your business or hobby. There are machines that will mill brewers grains, and there are machines that grind apples. The Cidermiller does both to the standards you expect.

The Cidermiller has the durability and capacity to mill 6-18 pounds of brewers malt per minute. Yes at a .050 setting you can mill 360 pounds in just 30 minutes, enough for a 7 barrel system. Cider apples can be pulped into pomace as quickly as you can put the apples in the hopper. A bushel of apples takes just minutes.

for home & commercial brewers

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