Apple Mill
  • Reconfigures for milling apples prior to juice extraction

  • Stainless steel impeller and same components as above

  • Operates direct drive from the motor at 1725 rpm without gear box

  • Chips apples to fine pulp ready for pressing

  • Includes 14 gallon food grade plastic barrel to store your Cidermiller in when not in use

  • Includes fermentation kit; gas trap and grommet, spigot, 4 ft of hose

The new Cider Miller is a 1/2 HP electric powered apple grinder for cider making. This unique stainless steel machine also converts to mill malted grains for brewing and distilling.



About the Cider Miller

  • Made in New York

  • Power & capacity for small commercial operations or home brew clubs

  • Includes 14 gallon storage barrel that doubles as a fermentation vessel

  • Stainless steel chute, hopper, guard, table and hardware

  • Includes 2 2’’ x 7 1/4” 1144 alloy steel rollers, heat treated/hardened for extended life,

  • Fully adjustable from 0 - .080”

  • Hopper holds about 17 pounds of malted grain : a larger hopper is available by order

  • ½ HP Baldor 1725 rpm motor with 10 to 1 speed-reducing gear box

  • #40 chain and sprocket drive, eliminating the potential of belt slippage

  • Throughput rate ranges from 6 – 18 pounds per minute, depending on the coarseness of the grind

  • GFCI protection from electrical shock

  • Safety on switch requires hopper to be fully secured

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction

  • Plywood base with dust vacuum port

Grain Mill

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